Relish + Bittermilk + Flying Dog + Volt = One Absolutely Delicious Evening


Man am I glad I decided to go to Relish Decor's Fall Mixer last week. Not only did I get to spend the evening with this lovely friend but the food and drinks were out of this world! Have you heard of Bittermilk cocktail mixers before? Well you have now! Do your inner holiday hostess a favor and stop by, call or visit Relish Decor online and order all of them. With the Bittermilk mixers you get amazing craft cocktails with the absolute least amount of effort. Effort you can then channel into creating the perfect ugly sweater party playlist, making pierogies from scratch, or watching Elf over and over again. Whatever floats your holiday season boat! And no I was not in anyway coerced into saying this I just really like what Bittermilk is throwing down and appreciate how easy they make enjoying an Old Fashioned after a long day.

On to the pictures!

Relish Fall Mixer 1

Relish Fall Mixer 2

Relish Fall Mixer 3

Relish Fall Mixer 4

Relish Fall Mixer 5Excuse me, I need to go make myself a cocktail now. But which one?!