So Long Sweet Summer


I'm ready for Fall. This weekend made it very clear that I've come to terms with the coming season. I roasted a chicken!! I've loved being able to call watermelon and cucumbers dinner for the past few months, but now I'm itching to roast EVERYTHING I can get my hands on. It was How Sweet Eats' Butter Garlic Roast Chicken from her new cookbook, Seriously Delish. (Seriously though, delicious!)

I purchased and already wore a new flannel shirt.

purple plaid

I have had at least 10 cups of hot tea/ waters with lemon in 2 days. (I made my Sunday morning cup a little more fun with some almond milk foam.)

chai tea latte

I actually lit a "bonfire" scented candle!

And to top it all off I came down with a cold. Nothing marks the transition from Summer to Fall quite like a stuffy nose and achy muscles.

All this somewhat seasonal stuff had me thinking about what I really want to accomplish in the next 3 months. Inspired by an adorable Glitter Guide Summer checklist that I've had pinned up for inspiration these past few months, I created this little list for myself. It'll serve as a nice reminder to prioritize self care and have some fun this Fall.

Autumn Hopes(2)