Sunday Edition


If I wrote a newspaper, this would be my Sunday edition :-). Too good not to share, here are some internet things I think you might like too. Enjoy your day! Breakfast for Two

Inspired by ...

These 11 Instagram accounts to charge up your wellness game this Fall

This Boho 30th Bday Party

These 10 date-night-in ideas

Thinking of ...

Trying this Chemical & Dairy Free Pumpkin Spice Latte

Making some of these Stamped Liquor Labels

Ordering this sweater

Whipping up this yummy vegetable stew

Recently ...

Ordered a few new things for Fall. Specifically this vest, this dress, this jacket and these shoes.

Tried this copper smoke eye makeup look. Will be repeating.

Got published in a local magazine. #FrederickMD ladies, you should totally think about subscribing.