Super Hero Hair


I have a tendency to do slightly impulsive things in response to significant life changes or events. After successfully completing the Fall semester of my sophomore year of college I got my nose pierced. After I graduated from college and had my heart broken (in the same weekend) I bought my first car. Birthdays have been marked with big hair cuts and other occasions with tattoos. It's my own little series of rebellions against life's inevitable changes, challenges and celebrations. All of these have induced a small shock factor when discovered by friends and family. I often don't give any warning, just decide I'm going to do whatever and go do it. It was no different this time around. On Saturday I went and let my best hair gal Jess and the team at Structures Salon in downtown Frederick turn my golden blonde locks into a lavender lob.

Lavender lob by Jess at Structures Salon

The best reaction I've gotten so far was being told I looked like a super hero while we were at dinner on Saturday night, like the girl from that movie, Kick Ass. I'll totally take it! If you're considering trying the pastel hair trend, seriously, just do it. Life is to short for boring hair anything.