Taste Gather Enjoy and some French Onion Crostini


The holidays are coming. The season of cocktail parties, white elephant gift games and it being acceptable to play She & Him's holiday album on repeat is upon us. Despite the fact that this time of year is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, I know many just end up feeling overwhelmed by all of the "obligations" that come up. I am no stranger to holiday stress and I hate when the things I am supposed to be focusing on, like giving thanks and enjoying time with family and friends, get shoved aside as I try to pick out the perfect, politically correct holiday card. I know I'm not alone and in my own little way, I'd like to help. How does an evening spent enjoying cocktails and hor d'ourves in the comfort of your own home with your favorite people? The shopping, set-up, cooking and decor will be taken care of and you'll have two sets of helping hands making sure plates get refilled and glasses stay full. Sounds amazing, right? Then let me introduce you to Taste Gather Enjoy. taste-gather-enjoyTaste Gather Enjoy is a new small event catering company that specializes in cocktail parties and loves local ingredients. I am one half of this new endeavor and my dear friend Sando of TheDailyDelight.com is the other. Many conversations led us to start this party and we could not be more excited. We want to bring our love of entertaining and feeding others to your home and make your next cocktail or dinner party as stress-free for you as possible.

We'll have more information for you very, very soon. In the meantime you can get a little taste and do a little shopping at a private event at Relish Decor on Thursday, November 14. Sando and I will be whipping up some savory and sweet treats and Hallie of Relish Decor will be there to help you pick out the perfect items for your home. You'll be able to enjoy 15% off your entire purchase that night and you'll be the first to shop Relish's holiday deliveries. The event is free, but space is limited. You can reserve your spot by clicking here.

If you're already hungry, Sando and I have a little treat prepared for you. Last week we got together and whipped up some French Onion Crostini. We'll be serving these on the 14th but if you can't make it, don't fret, we're sharing the recipe too!

French Onion Crostini served

French Onion Crostini (makes 32 crostini)

2 medium sweet onions, sliced
3 tablespoons all purpose flour
1/2 cup unsalted butter
1 cup beef broth
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
freshly ground black pepper
32 baguette slices
8 slices aged swiss cheese, cut into fourths
2 tablespoons fresh thyme leaves

In a large heavy-bottomed saucepan or Dutch-oven, melt the butter over medium heat. Add the flour and the onions. Allow to cook for about 30 minutes. Stirring every so often until the onions have begun to caramelize. Pour in the beef broth and Worcestershire and stir. Continue to cook to onions for 10-15 minutes more. Add a little black pepper and stir again.

Meanwhile, lightly toast your baguette slices and set aside. When the onions are done, turn on your broiler and put some baguette slices on a sheet pan (if they aren't already). Spoon a heaping tablespoon of onions on each slice and top with a square of cheese. Put the pan under the broiler for a couple minutes to melt the cheese (keep an eye on them). Once the cheese is melted remove the pan, plate the crostini and sprinkle with fresh thyme. Repeat with remaining crostini if necessary and serve immediately. You can toast the baguette slices early and store them in something air-tight, You can also make the onions early and reheat just prior to serving.

French Onion Crostini