Tastes Like Fall


Just when I thought it was safe to wear a scarf and coat during the day, the weatherman (and by man I mean app) tells me its going to be a high of 70 degrees. 70 degrees?! Make up your mind please Mother Nature, my body doesn't hold up well with these crazy temperature shifts. My arsenal of immune boosting tricks is in full use! Even with the slightly confused weather my cravings for warm and comforting foods continue. I figured I couldn't be the only one tempted with the plethora of seasonal flavors out there and wanted to share a few of my favorite Fall recipes from the blog. You know, to help you make some of your cravings a delicious reality. Take a look at the list below and let me know if you make something :-). Even better, post a photo of your dish on Instagram and tag @by_sarahrae.

apple pecan breakfast quinoa 3

Apple Spice Donuts

Butternut Squash Soup with Bacon

Apple Pecan Breakfast Quinoa

Cheddar, Bacon & Beer Soup 2

Spicy Cheddar Beer Soup

Apple Caramel Nachos

Roasted Red Pepper, Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Turkey Chili

Roasted Red Pepper, Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Turkey Chili