The Cookie Wall


I'd like to continue this week's little celebratory walk down matrimonial memory lane and share another decorative yet functional aspect of our wedding, the cookie wall. sarah-rob-541

Some of you may have heard of a cookie table before, it's an adorable wedding tradition where family and friends bring homemade baked goods, mostly of the cookie variety to share with all the other guests. All are displayed on a table (or a few) and guests can enjoy throughout the event. You won't find a wedding in Pittsburgh without one and if you do, you'll most likely hear the other guests dub it the worst wedding ever. And as my now-husband is a Yinzer, the cookie table was going to be crossing state lines for our nuptials.

No one is absolutely positive how the tradition started, or exactly where, but according to a 2009 New York Times article written by Ron Lieber, "many people credit Italian and Eastern European immigrants who wanted to bring a bit of the Old Country to the big day in the New World. Given that many of them were already well practiced at laying out a Christmas spread, baking 8 to 10 times as many treats for a few hundred special friends and relatives may not have seemed like such a stretch." It's also thought that the tradition became even more popular during the depression as many people couldn't afford a fancy wedding cake.

I couldn't leave well enough alone though and wanted a fancier display than just plates of cookies sitting out on a table. After seeing this wall of wooden crates available to rent from a local vendor called Design Diva, I knew I wanted to use it to display some cookies and thanks to the incredible assistance of my girl Sando and a few other friends, my vision came together beautifully on the day of the festivities.


Next to the wall there was a table with even more cookies and giant jars of other sweets. Our loved ones were super generous with their time and baking skills.


Boxes were provided so that guests could pack up cookies and candy and take it all home as favors. At least we wished they took it ALL home. There were definitely some leftovers. We were snacking on handfuls of skittles and lady fingers all summer!


*Photography by Nat Wongsaroj