The Farmer's Market Haul 6/9/12

Oh farmer's market. I'm definitely happy you are again becoming a regular part of my weekly schedule. Even if you are crazy crowded sometimes and other shoppers don't like to wait there turn for parking spots. Bringing home goodies like these totally make up for all that. strawberries & rhubarb

These were for more strawberry rhubarb salsa.

Swiss Chard with pink and yellow stems Some beautiful Swiss Chard with crazy vivid pink and yellow stems. The leaves were sauteed in some butter with spring onions and tossed into some Saturday night quesadillas made with cheddar cheese.

cheesy broccoli potato quiche

Super fresh eggs, broccoli and new potatoes went into a Sunday morning quiche along with some Parmesan and Gruyere.

Did you make it to your local farmer's market this weekend? What did you pick up?