The Food Matters Project: Cassoulet with Lots of Vegetables

After a rather over-indulgent weekend, this was the perfect thing to cook for dinner on Sunday night. Veggie-filled and slightly spicy from the Hot Italian Sausage we opted to use, it was just what we needed to begin to reset out systems and prepare for the week ahead. It also gave us something to look forward to today (Monday, boo) ... leftovers at lunchtime. cassoulet simmering away in the pot

After the hot hummus experiment from a few weeks ago, I knew I needed to try using dried beans for this cassoulet. It couldn't have been easier. I followed Mr. Bittman's suggestion of slowly simmering the beans in plenty of water (page 353). My dry navy beans were fully cooked in just about an hour, no soaking involved.

cassoulet in a bowlBoyfriend was hungry, so I skipped the last step in the recipe that involved chopping up the meat and served us each a sausage with a hefty pile of cooked carrots, celery, leeks and cabbage on top. I was taking the above photo when Rob asked if there would be plenty for leftovers. Two bites in and it got the boyfriend stamp of approval :-).

For the complete recipe (since you should totally make this for dinner sometime this week)  you can head over to Keely's blog, she's this week's host. And for even more inspiration make sure to check out how all of the other Food Matters Project bloggers chose to create this week's recipe here.