The Food Matters Project: Hummus Served Hot with Parsley Pesto

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday, I found myself severely under the weather and just couldn't manage to get this posted. I hope you can forgive me. I'm sure my fellow members of The Food Matters Project had plenty of delicious hummus variations to tempt you with :-). If you haven't checked them out yet, you can do so here. This week, Erin selected our recipe for Hummus, Served Hot and you can find the complete recipe over on her blog Naturally Ella.

I had never actually made hummus myself until this past weekend. I learned two things, 1.) there's absolutely no reason not to make your own hummus. You really can't get any easier than throwing all of your ingredients in the blender. 2.) I will never use canned chickpeas again. Every few tastes of hummus left sort of a metallic tang in my mouth.

Ingredients, Hummus and Chips

I also would have never thought about heating hummus up before eating it, but at this point I'm open to just about anything Mark Bittman suggests.

Hummus up close

The original recipe suggests using fresh parsley as a garnish but Mr. Bittman also suggested seasoning this hummus with pesto so I made a parsley pesto. It was very green, added some serious flavor and helped cover up any residual "can" taste in the chickpeas. I enjoyed my hummus with some homemade potato chips.

Hummus on a homemade potato chipNow hummus may not be traditional Irish fare, but I think this green-flecked dip served with crispy spuds will make a very fitting snack leading up to St. Patty's day. I'll be running the Rock N' Roll Half Marathon in Washington, DC on Saturday and then hopefully finding a good place to grab a Guinness or two. What are your plans for Saint Patrick's Day?