The Food Matters Project: summer tomatoes

Absolutely nothing beats feeling like your weekend was well spent when you wake up on Monday morning. I had a to-do list, and amazingly a lot of items got crossed off, but I didn't let myself get bent out of shape when Sunday rolled around and I had the chance to spend a few episodes of 24 picking leftover blue crabs for dinner's crab cakes. This week's recipe for the Food Matters Project was Savory Tomato Crisp. Nicole from The Giving Table selected this week's recipe and you can see how all of the other FMP bloggers made it here.

I really had every intention of following this recipe as it was written. I had planned to throw in some summer squash too but I got to the Farmer's Market a little later than I wanted to and there was no more squash. I was going to take my savory crisp to a little crab feast a friend had organized in the park nearby. Well, my friends got a quickly baked panzanella salad instead. Hunks of baguette instead of bread crumbs, pieces of torn mozzarella, red scallions, olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar.


I had more tomatoes though and thought about trying again on Sunday. I just couldn't bring myself to put these freshly picked summer tomatoes in a hot oven though. Slicing and stacking were as far as it got.


Neither of my attempts at making a savory tomato crisp were successful. I'm going to try and maintain my weekend state of mind though and not worry about it. :-) Plus, there's one farmer's market tomato left on my counter and I think a simple tomato sandwich on toasted bread with just a light smear of good mayo will erase any lingering feelings of disappointment.