The Food Matters Project: Summer Veggies and Seared Scallops

Exciting non-food news, I got my hands on my very own DSLR over the weekend, I'm moving in about two weeks, and there's that little business I started. It's nice and busy around these parts! One thing that I'm trying not to let my schedule interfere with, time in the kitchen. This week's Food Matters recipe selected by Jenn of Vanilla Lemon, made a perfect meal for a Friday night spent on the couch. Seared Scallops on top of vegetables

I had every intention of making the recipe for Corn-Avocado salad the way it was written, but there was no corn at the grocery store I stopped at. Instead I picked up some green beans and yellow squash. I sauteed them lightly with the red onion and it turned out great. For more delicious versions of this recipe, head over to the Food Matters Project site.

Anyone else experiencing busy Summer syndrome?