There's going to be a wedding!

Yes, ladies and gents. The boyfriend, Rob, popped the question. He collaborated with the rents to set up the most wonderful surprise. sarah's engagement ring

I was out to lunch with my parents and our family friend/accountant. We had plans to walk around town a bit after lunch as we were all fairly full. We headed back to my & Rob's house as Rob was there hanging out (he said he didn't want to interrupt the "business lunch"). My parents told me to run inside and grab Rob and they and our friend would meet us out front. I thought nothing of any of this, my mom just had ACL repair surgery, so she's not the best with stairs yet. Upon opening the door, my jaw dropped. There stood Rob among candlelight and some gorgeous lilac roses (I love roses, but red ones the least.)

Lilac roses

He was all fancied up in a suit and with his wonderful smile on his face took my hand and lead me to a seat he ever so smartly had prepared. I was completely shocked and went completely weak in the knees. There were many happy tears and the smile still hasn't really worn off. If you were to be a fly on the wall in our house, you'd probably already be sick of hearing the word fiance. We LOVE using it to refer to each other. :-)

Rob & I right after we first said "we're engaged!"

I never really imagined what it would be like to be proposed to, although I've long known I wanted Rob to be the one to do the proposing. All I can really say is, "Wow"! I am incredibly lucky to be marrying this man and I'm so so excited to begin planning and sharing with him all the traditions that come with this next phase of our lives. I'll be sure to share a few experiences on the blog along the way if any of you are interested :-).

celebrating with some glasses of champagne