Things I wish I could still be eating

Happy Hump Day everyone! Just wanted to take a minute and share some of the dishes and meals I've been able to enjoy lately. 20120502-110800.jpg

Last week the boyfriend picked up some lamb tenderloin at the grocery store on a whim. Giada had recently made lamb meatballs during a segment on The Today Show, so I had some idea of how I wanted to season the meat. A little internet searching led me to this recipe for Pan-fried Lamb Tenderloin with a Balsamic vinegar reduction. The only spice I had on hand that was called for in the recipe was cinnamon. I used a little all spice and paprika instead of the clove and cumin. I served the meat with baked sweet potato and steamed green beans.


This is the Chicken Baltimore from The Peppermill Restaurant in Lutherville, MD. Fresh lump Maryland crab meat, sauteed mushrooms, melted mozzarella cheese and cream sauce all atop a grilled chicken breast. It was delicious. If you're going to be near the Towson/Baltimore/Lutherville area, I'd definitely recommend a meal here.


The above was cooked with some inspiration from a fellow Food Matters Project blogger, Erin, who blogs over at Naturally Ella. This week our scheduled recipe was for a soup, but Erin had a different interpretation in mind. She shared a recipe for Chickpea Cakes with Shaved Asparagus and Yogurt and they looked so good I made them for dinner that very same night


These next few photos were shot during my one big, epic dinner in Chicago. We weren't there for very long and our days were filled with food tours and business education. We had tickets to watch a playoff hockey game on one night, so we were only left with one evening with which to have a nice sit down dinner. We headed to Farmhouse, a restaurant that prides itself on locally sourcing food, booze and even its decor and building materials.

I basically dictated this meal, luckily my Dad is a good sport (and I paid) so he didn't mind too much when I strongly suggested our courses.

To start I ordered us some Wisconsin Cheese Curds with Alder Smoked Catsup and Mussels in local wildflower honey lager broth with Illinois blue cheese, shaved fennel, scallions, chillies & grilled garlic toast.


This is some Pan Roasted Lake Superior Whitefish with Forest Mushrooms, Fava Bean & Nueske's Bacon Beer Ragout.


And this my friends is a Lemon Poppy Seed Whoopie Pie with Fresh Blueberry Compote and Sweet Salted Cream.

(My apologies for the obvious "I took this on my cell phone in a dark restaurant" quality of some of these photos, but it was really my only option at the time :-).)

Have you eaten anything awesome lately? Well go at least find yourself a good snack, cause I'm sure you're hungry now (I am).