This Weekend

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Weekend everyone! It's no secret that I appreciate a fun day of drinking and I will be taking part in some local festivities. (If you live in the Frederick area, be sure to check out this pub crawl.) So this weekend will definitely include a few cans/pints of Guinness. Aside from that, the forecast says I'll be spending a little time under an umbrella on Saturday. It's supposed to rain/snow and be around 50 degrees Fahrenheit all in one day and I will happily be giving a food tour no matter what :-). I also hope to scoop up another bundle of pretty radishes from the local food co-op so I can make more of this simple and flavorful toast.

weekend march 15

Rob has also informed me that this weekend will also include some Dance Central 3 and homemade Shamrock Shakes, I am OK with all of these things :-) (Hopefully I'll fit a long run in somewhere among all this fun, the Nike Women's Half in DC is coming up soon!)

What are your plans for the weekend?