Three Year Anniversary

One of the keys to a happy marriage is laughter | Today marks our three year wedding anniversary. In that time we bought a house, have been on quite a few adventures and in just a few more weeks we'll get to say hello to our first child. We've laughed so hard it hurt, we've shed a few tears when needed (most often while laughing) and we've fallen more madly in love. I often think of our wedding day and I still get butterflies when I recall the way you looked at me as I walked down the aisle. The song we picked as the soundtrack for our first dance still holds true, "I choose you" and I promise to keep choosing you every day babe. I really wouldn't want to be doing this whole life thing with anyone else.

three year wedding anniversary |

We usually like to gift ourselves travel for occasions like this but I'm 33 weeks pregnant so instead we're having some maternity/anniversary photos taken this evening and have dinner plans for Saturday at the restaurant where we first met. It'll be very sweet and I'm looking forward to both a lot. But really, as long as I get to keep waking up next to Rob I'll be a happy gal.