Traveling for Food - Alt NYC

I'm still pouring through all my notes from Alt NYC and should have a recap or two ready for you later this week. In the meantime lets talk about the other important aspect of the trip, what I ate. I arrived in New York City on Wednesday with some quickly growing hunger pains. It probably didn't help that I spent much of the train ride from Baltimore looking up food trucks. After dropping my bag off at the hotel, I headed for Soho with a craving for falafel. I came across the Taim Falafel Truck in my search of NYC food trucks and it turned out they had a brick and mortar location near a pop-up shop I wanted to visit.

I really need to find some good falafel near home, or master the art of it myself. Oh, so good!

I ordered a green falafel sandwich on whole wheat pita with everything. So my parsley, mint and cilantro falafel was topped with hummus, israeli salad, pickled cabbage, tahini sauce (the regular toppings) and amba (pickled mango-fenugreek chutney), S'rug (traditional yemeni hot sauce with cilantro, chili, garlic and extra virgin olive oil) and israeli pickles (the everything).

Taim Falafel Sandwich

To sip alongside my sandwich I chose one of Taim's signature smoothies, their date, lime and banana concoction. Simply delicious! There will be an attempt at a recreation very soon.

Taim date, lime, banana smoothie

This very filling meal kept me satiated until dinnertime when I ventured to Morimoto. Yes as in Iron Chef Morimoto. Thank you so much to Hayneedle for having us. I loved every second of the meal. The company was wonderful and the meal was simply scrumptious.

Cocktails were first of course. This one had sesame-infused vodka.

Morimoto Sesame Infused Cocktail

Family style appetizers followed. We chowed down on a spicy chicken salad, scallops and various kinds of crispy shrimp.

morimoto appetizers

I opted for the Roasted Maine Lobster served with thai green curry, garam masala, spring vegetables and kaffir lime as my main course.

Morimoto Roasted Maine Lobster

Dessert was a warm chocolate cake with blood orange-sake sherbet with truffle honey. Truffles may not be for everyone, but I find the flavor irresistible.

Morimoto Chocolate Cake

And that was just the day before. The meals and snacks served during Alt were much more than I was anticipating. Though I must admit I was just so excited about the days events, I didn't do the best job at snapping photos of everything, but here are few shots :-).

alt food collage