Traveling for Food (and drinks): Beer, Bourbon & BBQ 2012

Like bourbon? Like beer? Like BBQ? Whether you're a fan of one or all three, you would enjoy an event like this. A few weekends ago the boyfriend, some friends of ours, and I headed down to the fairgrounds in Timonium, MD for a day full or bourbon tasting, beer swigging and BBQ eating.

Bourbon Tasting

A souvenir tasting glass is provided upon your entrance to the event. I can proudly say I've so far collected three of these. On the bottom is actually Makers Mark wax. On top of providing samples of their delicious spirits, they will dip the bottom of your glass in their signature red wax. The line can get pretty long, but it's free and it just looks so cool, right? After three years we know to just head straight for the Makers Mark table first.

You can usually expect there to be at least 40 bourbons and 60 beers available for tasting (but probably more). The trick about the getting to taste everything you might want to is the VIP ticket. You get in two hours before the general public so you have more time to get to all of the good stuff.

Once our VIP hours were up and we made sure we had tasted all of the bourbons that we probably couldn't afford in real like ;-), it was on to some BBQ. Like usual, I was all about the Carolina pulled pork that day. Topped with some coleslaw, YUM, it really doesn't get any better.

my carolina pulled pork sandwich

Some baked beans and hush puppies rounded out the meal.

BBQ sides: coleslaw and baked beans

hush puppies

me and the boyfriend

After lunch, it was back to more drinking. And yes, those are pretzel necklaces we are wearing. It was a tip we picked up from some folks last year. Keeping some snacks handy during a day of drinking is a good call and pretzels are great for in between tastings.

You can still get in on this fun too. There is another Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival at the National Harbor on June 15 & 16.