Traveling for Food: Hyde Park in Pittsburgh

We couldn't run a half marathon and then not have an epic meal. Luckily there were some things to be celebrated last Sunday and the boyfriend's family was gathering at a fancy steakhouse to do the celebrating. Quick back story, my boyfriend is from Pittsburgh. He moved to Frederick almost two years ago and he hadn't lived here six months before I snatched him up ;-). We venture up to Pittsburgh fairly often and if you can get over the fact that the Steelers live there (I'm still working on it haha) it's actually a really fun city and it's filled with great food.

Hyde Park in downtown Pittsburgh is located on the river, between PNC Park and Heinz Field. According to the website, it is this proximity to the stadiums (and the great food) that makes Hyde Park "THE PLACE in Pittsburgh to rub elbows with local and national pro-athletes, coaches, sports media and local luminaries." There were no celebrities spotted during our dinner though.

The boyfriend and I were ready to get our grub on. We ordered with every intention of having leftovers to take home with us, but we ended cleaning every plate that was put before us.



To start we ordered some Sesame Crusted Seared Ahi Tuna and Blackened Fresh Jumbo Scallops. Both were delicious. The menu listing for the Ahi Tuna only mentioned that it was served with wasabi and pickled ginger. We were pleasantly surprised when large drizzles of Sriracha adorned the plate and the tuna had been plated with a seaweed salad. (OK, only I was excited about the seaweed salad.) The scallops were served with a sweet onion dressing, walnuts and crumbled blue cheese. Have you ever had blue cheese on your scallops before? It was definitely a new flavor combination for me, and one I'd really like to recreate in the near future.


My usual Makers Mark Manhattan :-)


Fancy things: covered dinner plates and waiters who fold your napkin when you've left the table for some reason (I saw this happen at least twice).


On a regular menu, my dinner entree would be known simply as Steak a la Lobster ... however, I was dining in Pittsburgh so this was known as Steak Rooney. A 7/10 oz. filet mignon over bordelaise crowned with lobster & bearnaise; asparagus and mushroom caps. (I ordered the 10 oz.) Our waiter told us it was the house steak and I was sold. Sold and not disappointed. Perfectly cooked to my liking, soft and full of flavor. I was ready to drink all of the sauce underneath the steak too it was so good.


The boyfriend ordered a Bone-In Filet Mignon. They are not always available but filet is his favorite and this was something he'd never tried before so he went for it. I'm guessing he liked it because I wasn't offered a taste at any point.


Sides are served a la carte and we went with some sauteed mushrooms and lobster mac and cheese. (I feel it necessary to note, I've now had the lobster mac and cheese at two great steakhouses, but the lobster mac and cheese from The Capitol Grille wins. It's something you really need to experience.)


So now I'd like to know, where is your favorite place to go for a steak and/or lobster mac and cheese? I'd be more than happy to taste test all of your suggestions and report back ;-).