Traveling for food: New York, Part 1

I hope you guys are ready for a few posts all about food. This past weekend the boyfriend and I hopped on an Amtrak train and traveled up to New York City for a few days of eating and hanging out with some of his friends and family. We arrived at New York's Penn Station a little before 11 am and after dropping off our bags we headed to the West Village for lunch. We knew exactly where we were headed thanks to the February issue of Martha Stewart magazine.

street view of BuvetteBuvette is on Grove Street in the West Village. It's a small French gastroteque that serves small plates that lend themselves well to sharing. I am really happy that some recipes were included in the Martha Stewart feature as I am ready to try and recreate some of these delicious dishes. (I'll be sure to share what I come up with.)

shaved brussels sprout saladBrandade de MoruePer the waitress' suggestion we started with the Cavoletti Salad of shaved brussels sprouts with peccorino & walnuts and the Brandade de Morue, a house-cured salt cod with olive oil and garlic. The salt cod had to be our favorite dish of the meal and it was something we would never have thought of ordering if it were not for our waitress.

Brandade de Morue servingNext, we were served a classic Crouque Monsieur, or hot ham and gruyere sandwich, and Steak Tartare.

To finish we went with the Apple Tarte Tartin with Creme Fraiche.

When going to a new restaurant, one of the best calls you can make is to ask your server what they recommend. That is what we did at Buvette and we ended up tasting some incredible dishes we would never have thought to order. Some of my most memorable Frederick meals have been thanks to server recommendations.

Crouque MonseiurSteak Tartar

It is a small space and every inch is used. Most of the dishes are stored right out on the bar and taken and replaced as needed. Cornichons are served with everything and even though we didn't imbibe it would be the perfect spot to linger for an afternoon with a glass (or two) of wine and something to read.

Apple Tarte Tartin

up on the shelvesview from our table