Traveling for food: New York, part 3

Read about part 1 and part 2. I only have two more parts of this trip to share, but I promise they will drool-worthy. On Saturday morning we woke up (apparently before most New Yorkers) to head to brunch at The Smith. It was a bit of an adventure as it actually snowed that weekend but it was still early enough that everything was still quiet and softly white as we walked the couple blocks to the restaurant.

The view from our tableNow the snow may have made our plans for the day a little cold & wet but as winter had yet to make any real appearance in MD, I was pretty pleased it decided to snow during our weekend in the Big Apple.

The Smith Menu

The boyfriend and I zeroed in on the same dish about 30 seconds after picking up the menu. He also agreed (it really took a lot of convincing though ;-)) to share some sides with me.

Potato Waffle Eggs Benedict Shot 1Eggs Benedict Shot 3Eggs Benedict Shot 2We both went with the Potato Waffle Eggs Benedict with spinach and caramelized onions. (Spend one day with me and you'll know this gal can't resist caramelized onions.) And after suggestions from our tablemates and server we settled on the candied bacon and cheese grits as sides. Except it wasn't really settling because I knew I needed to order those about 40 seconds after picking up the menu. The grits were unexpectedly (but awesomely) nacho cheesy and the bacon was perfect. (But it's bacon and its been cooked in sugar, how could it not be perfect?)

Candied BaconCheese GritsNow I really need to find a waffle iron and make sure I have plenty of brown sugar to douse some bacon in. Anyone need brunch plans in the next couple of weekends? Come over so I don't eat a whole tray of candied bacon by myself.