Traveling for Food - Off the Hook, Bethany Beach DE


Does anyone else get a little nervous when they have to drive over a bridge? I've been across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge before, but I don't recall ever being the one actually behind the wheel. A few weekends ago the fiance and I had the opportunity to head to Bethany Beach, DE and since we were taking my car I felt obligated to drive. Good thing my steering wheel doesn't need to breathe, I white-knuckled it the whole time. That five minutes of stress was totally worth it though, a few days at the shore with puppy in tow, lots of time for reading and a few fantastic local meals. There was a Grotto's Pizza night of course, but I was also craving an actual taste of the region. Off the Hook was a quick bike ride from the house we were staying and highly recommended by our hosts. We managed to time our arrival perfectly and were seated right away. It's not a large restaurant and it was already hopping when we sat down for dinner around 5:30pm.

Off the Hook pineapple margarita

To start I ordered a pineapple margarita, it was a good choice.

Off the Hook fresh baked bread

Our drinks were quickly followed by some fresh bread to tide us over until our appetizers came.

buttermilk battered oysters

To start we (Rob, his brother and I) split orders of the Buttermilk Battered Oysters (served with spicy mayo and blue cheese) and the Truffled Sweet Corn n' Crab Flatbread.

off the hook truffled sweet corn n' crab flatbread

The flatbread was topped with crab, corn, bacon, garlic, basil, arugula and white truffle oil. It was very satisfying.

off the hook crab & corn flatbread

Then there was the difficult entree decision.

Rob ordered the Grilled Mahi served with warm artichoke n' fingerling potato salad, chicory and white almond gazpacho. I'm lucky I was able to sneak a taste.

off the hook grilled mahi

I ordered the Surf n' Turf special. Their unique take on it included a hearty portion of cured pork loin, dill lobster risotto, some red pearl onions and sweet carrot salad. I did not want this dish to end. I can't say I've ever had dill and lobster together, but it worked.

off the hook surf n' turf

off the hook surf n' turf pork loin

Rob's brother got the seafood mother load with the Cioppino. Shrimp, scallops, clams, mussels, fin fish, chorizo, caramelized fennel all in a white wine tomato broth.

off the hook cioppino

Dessert sounded wonderful, but we were a little stuffed. After a little time though, I was more than ready for a classic frozen custard and rainbow sprinkles.

boardwalk treat