Vacation Refreshed

Happy to report we made it home from South Carolina. I'm also happy to report that I think I succeeded at allowing myself to actually take a vacation. There were probably some emails I could have answered faster, some social media notifications I should have shared, and plenty of stress to think about. However, I ignored my cell phone as much as possible, really only used my laptop to watch episodes of New Girl before bed, and stress only came up when it was time to decide which frozen drink I wanted next.

All the time listening to the surf and wandering around Charleston also gave my brain some much needed fun time. I got home on Saturday and couldn't wait to put a pen to some paper and "dump" everything I had been able to think up and contemplate on my week away from the ordinary. I feel inspired & ready to work  harder at all of my "jobs" and really feel like the time has come to take Food & Frederick to the next level. In other words I feel like some good stuff is on the way.

I also picked up some souvenirs for my kitchen, and really for you as well. Three new cookbooks and a 2-pound bag of grits made their way home with me and I am super pumped to try my hand at some southern specialties in the coming months.

Were you able to get away this Summer? Anyone have any favorite Southern-inspired recipes?