Voltaggio has got some Range

I got really lucky one Sunday night back in December. I contribute to a local paper, The Urbana Town Courier. The editor of said paper was invited to attend the opening press event/celebration of Bryan Voltaggio's newest restaurant. Something came up and she asked me to go in her place. WHAT?!?! Luckily I didn't have any plans for the very next day. Who am I kidding? I would have dropped just about anything to get a first taste of Range.

Voltaggio's Range

I have to admit, when I arrived I felt completely out of place. I was so nervous I knocked over a drink in front of the PR person who set the whole thing up (and remembered my name).  Sigh. Thank goodness my nerves settled down as soon as I was seated with my first plate.

Range Raw Bar Sample

The first round included a sampling from the raw bar: lobster, stone crab, shrimp and oysters.

From there it was on to charcuterie and small samples of other menu items served by the newly christened waitstaff.

Volt Range Charcuterie

Volt Range Flatbread

I was so impressed by the food, and that's a complete understatement. More importantly I was just as impressed upon a second visit. (A very intelligent friend of mine and Rob's had made reservations for the end of December as soon as they were available.)

I don't want to overwhelm you with all of the photos, so I made a complete album for you over on Facebook. (While you're there feel free to like the page, wink wink.) To read more about my initial thoughts, you can read the article I wrote for The Town Courier here.

Some of my favorite dishes were a tuna crudo, cheddar corn biscuits with pepper jelly, cheese sampler, venison, and ice cream of the apple, salted caramel and cinnamon varieties.  This Voltaggio restaurant is a little bit of a journey (totally worth it though) for Fredericktonians like me, I guess we couldn't keep all of his restaurants here, but if you live closer to DC, there's no excuse good enough not to try this place.

Range Candy Bar