Waiting for figs to grow


No seriously, the little green blubs in this photo are in fact figs and they are taking their sweet time ripening into their mature, juicy treat form. It's driving me crazy, I have big plans for them!

fig bulbs

I haven't posted in awhile and it's kind of a similar story. I feel like I've been waiting. For what I'm not quite sure, but something has been keeping me from posting recently and frankly I don't like it. Sometimes I think it's because I don't have enough time. Other times I think I choose not to blog because I'm not sure what I'm posting is "good enough" (whatever that means). I started this blog for myself, I need to remember that. This is first and foremost a place to have fun. So here I am, ready to have some more fun. I'm back from what turned out to be a much longer than planned vacation. How have you been?!

Let's get back to my fig plans ...

I purchased some honey comb on our recent trip to Charleston, SC. Figs, honey comb and lots of cheese will be beautifully arranged together on a cheese plate like this one.

Pizza night will be transformed with this flat bread. (Yes, I see figs as a super excuse to eat more blue cheese.)

This salad is just destined for lunchtime.

Bourbon and figs are fantastic when combined.

And I am willing to try my hand at making fig tarts from scratch.

Maybe I should just stop waiting and go buy some fresh figs (and get back to writing regular posts) ... there's cooking to be done! :-)

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