We know where (and when) we'll say "I Do"

The "holy crap this totally awesome guy wants to marry me feeling" that knocked the wind out of me last November, hasn't really waned. Especially now that we've decided on a date and a location for our June 2014 nuptials. (Lots of time to plan is a good thing for this girl.)

 June 2014

We fell in love with Stone Manor Country Club in Middletown, MD. It's not a country club in the traditional sense (there's no golf) and it's actually a B&B. We can have both the ceremony (outside) and the reception there and we're able to bring our own alcohol (budget-friendly!). Receptions there are held in a gorgeous permanent tent, which is exciting because we won't have to rent one. (The only other venue we were seriously considering would have required this expense.)

Stone Manor Country Club House

The reception tent at Stone Manor Country Club

*Photo's are from Stone Manor's website, click on either to view the entire gorgeous photo gallery!

Neither of us are crazy fancy or flashy people. We're going for simple and sophisticated, and Stone Manor has all the antique elegance we could want.

So now that that's taken care of, what do we do next? Any wedding planning resources you would suggest?