Wedding Wednesday

I never kept a diary growing up and despite my Mother's urging (she's a therapist) I still don't keep a journal. For some reason typing things out on my computer doesn't feel as silly. Granted I don't share a lot of feelings here, but one of my favorite things about creating this space has been documenting a few life events here and there in between all the food. One pretty big life event is coming up in just over a year :-) and while we quickly jumped on a location, we didn't worry about making too many other plans right away. That is, until now. We recently chose a wedding officiant and on Sunday will meet with the photographer we think will be documenting our big day (and hopefully soon snapping our engagement photos.) I love planning them, but I am easily overwhelmed when it comes to planning events. Now that I'm planning one so personal I can't even imagine. I'm hoping a little bit of weekly reflection on what I'm excited about, what I'm considering and maybe even a little about what I'm feeling will help me keep it together over the next 387 days ;-). There will be a lot of excitement, hopefully a minimal number of tears and a whole lotta love.

Photography is on the brain today as we try to decide how we want to go with our engagement shoot. Here are a few shots that have been inspiring me:

engagement inspiration

The top and bottom left photos are both of couples enjoying a bite to eat. Food will of course be incorporated somehow. The glitter in the center bottom photo just gets me, yay sparkles! The bottom right photo was actually taken in a local bar. Rob and I met at a local bar (not this particular one) but I'd really love to incorporate "our" spot into our shoot too.