Weekend Links #10


Despite all the gloomy weather, I feel pretty good about this past week. We had my parent's dog (my first dog actually, dude is 14.5 years old) stay with us for most of it while my parent's took a much deserved vacation, my younger sister graduated with her Master's Degree in Social Work and the flooding in our basement was at least manageable. Finger's crossed the sun will at least make a guest appearance sometime soon. Happy weekend friends, hope you enjoy this edition of weekend links! Here's to drier days ahead amiright?! I made the rhubarb frappe (pictured) from CAP Beauty's newish book and it was delicious. It was roasted rhubarb, original GTS Kombucha and some ice ... it's pink, sweet and tart at the same time, bubble and super refreshing.

I ran out of matcha recently and instead of order more, I've been getting into my husband's supply of cold brew. Sorry babe, but I'm not sorry. He uses this awesome contraption called a Body Brew and no matter what coffee he puts in there, it always comes out perfectly.

I've been reminiscing about the delicious English breakfast Rob & I treated ourselves to on our trip across the pond a few years ago. It's totally because of the Royal Wedding I'm sure haha. In case you're interested in trying to build one of these amazing plates at home - this might help. 

Atti has been loving this album on Spotify recently and I don't hate it either.

I actually blogged two other times this week you guys! I wrote a post about our experience starting Atti on solid foods and shared a fun outfit post with a bonus roundup of awesome rainbow inspired pieces to brighten your spring/summer closets.

I know my locals are all going stir crazy so here are some things that are still happening in Frederick, MD (where I live) this weekend despite the rain: