Weekend Links #9


It's back! My weekly round up of things I think you need to know about. A few things really blew my mind in the past couple days and I've been missing curating these little lists, so here we go. First things first - I MADE MY OWN DRY SHAMPOO AND IT ACTUALLY WORKED!

I bought a new camera lens. Based off of the few photos I've taken with it so far, it was money well spent. Plus it was so much cheaper then buying an entirely new camera.

The Maryland Craft Beer Festival is this weekend. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it will be our first time attending. It's going to be hot and we'll have the baby with us, so wish us luck.

I posted a new recipe this week and it felt really good. Check it out!

If you ever see a bag of these and you happen to have an affinity for gummy candy or licorice, it will be in your best interest to run away. Says the lady who's helped eat like four or five bags of this stuff in the past couple weeks. Can you say sweet tooth?

Caboodles are back! My 9 year old self is so excited. I totally bought one and am super excited to use it, but am totally ready to hand it over to Atti if/when she decides she needs it.

Just in case you live under a rock - please make sure you've watched Childish Gambino's new music video at least f

ive times before the weekend is over.

I'm excited to finish reading (aka listening via Audible) this and start reading this.

I stocked up on a few new pairs of Freshly Picked shoes for Atti including this unicorn print, some bright summer citrus and these way to cute Mary Janes!

I can't believe I'm celebrating Mother's Day this year as an actual Mom. I'm excited to spend the day with the ones who made me a mother, record a podcast episode for The Mustache Mesa and maybe take a nap. To all the other Mammas out there (whether your babe is in your arms, in your belly, was taken too soon, is all grown up or happens to have fur) I send you all the love in the world.

Me and my daughter Atti | BySarahRae.com

**Featured photo of yogurt and flowers by Alisa Anton on Unsplash**