Current Vibes - Weekend Links No. 1


Dock Chairs | Current Vibes April 30 2017 | Wishing I had a spot like this one waiting for me in my backyard. This was just part of the view from a girlfriend's birthday celebration yesterday. It was not a bad way to spend a Saturday evening, not at all. Hope you have some pleasant Sunday plans on the agenda today. Aside from doing some typical cleaning and meal prepping, I'm hoping to meet up with a girlfriend for a bit before an afternoon birth class. We're at 28 weeks and officially into the third trimester this weekend, crazy!

I haven't seen a lot of the latest television/Netflix crazes but I am currently enjoying watching this and this.

Have really been enjoying listening to this podcast on my commute. I wish new episodes came out daily instead of weekly.

Really been lusting after one of these.

Happy that services like this one exist, especially for pregnant ladies. (Interested? Get $25 off your first order using this link.)

Loving this.

Reading this.

Can't get enough of this.