Weekend Links No. 2


Weekend Links No 2 | BySarahRae.com Happy Sunday! How was your weekend? We got gussied up yesterday in honor of the Kentucky Derby and ended up placing a bet on the winning horse! I enjoyed drinking mint ginger ale out of a pretty copper julep cup and getting to wear my fascinator again. Taking advantage of a quiet Sunday over here to hang out with my husband and pup, do some food prep and get some social media scheduled for the week.  Pulled together another round up of weekend links of things I've been digging and exploring this week.

Loving my new rather over the top phone case.

I'm thinking of doing an overhaul of BySarahRae.com (like a big one). I'm stubborn though and enjoy doing things myself so I think this resource is going to be my new best friend.

Currently reading this. Actually, I'm currently doing a lot of discovery around the topic of pleasure right now as part of my journey with Stratejoy's Reclamation program. I also listened to this podcast episode recently and ordered one of these to try after Baby K makes her appearance.

Strawberry season has arrived in my part of the world, I can't seem to get enough! How pretty is this strawberry tart?

Did you see my 28-week pregnancy bump-date from last week?

Really digging this shampoo and conditioner. I read somewhere that using it can help you wash your hair less and combined with the magic of dry shampoo I think I'm down to like 2-3 times per week depending on what I've got going on.