Weekend Links No. 4


pretty box of glory doughnuts Happy to report we crossed a few getting-closer-to-baby milestones off the checklist this week. On Thursday we took a tour of the hospital we'll deliver at and on Saturday we were treated to a wonderful baby shower hosted by Rob's Mom. I'm excited to let nesting mode take over and start organizing all of baby girl's new things.

Very thankful for my wonderful husband who got the nursery painted this week, we went with this color.

Madewell is calling my name with these kicks and this sweet carry on.

Got my eye on these palm pjs. Thinking I'll be glad of a few options like this once Baby K is here for wearing around the house.

My new summer grilling project is deciding on my favorite way to grill a whole chicken. I tried the butterflied technique last week, but thinking a beer-can version will be next.

Need to give a shout out to the Crazy Cookie Lady of Pittsburgh, PA. My Mother-in-law ordered cookies for our PA baby shower from her and they were absolutely adorable and delicious.

T-minus 30 days until I turn 30! Starting to gather some party inspiration on this Pinterest board.

Loving this cleaner sunless tanner.

ICYMI, I blogged about a favorite maternity outfit earlier this week on the blog.

*Photo is of some of the amazing vegan doughnuts from Glory Doughnuts in Frederick, MD*