Weekend Links No. 5


Hootch and Banter French Toast | Weekend Vibes | BySarahRae.com Hoping your holiday weekend is treating you well. So far I've enjoyed a visit with my grandparents down the road and got the family together for some crab picking. Looking forward to a quiet Sunday full of cooking, blogging and baby clothes organizing. And now after pulling out this brunchy photo from a few weeks ago I'm thinking some french toast might be on the menu for Memorial Day morning.

Thanking Martha for her recipe for a quick barbecue sauce. It came in handy during an impromptu backyard fete.

For my pregnant gals - these are some of my current favorite places to look for maternity fashion inspiration. 1, 2 and 3.

I finally managed to post the 3rd and final part of our trip to London. It includes a very handsome celebrity encounter ;-).

The recipe for these Spring Sunset Salad Bowls also made their way to the blog this week.

Don't know what I would do without YogaGlo and all of their pre-natal classes.

Baby K is past the 32-week mark (apparently she's the size of a yellow squash now) and I've started pinning all sorts of meal prep ideas on Pinterest.

Currently listening to this during my daily commute (yay Audible) and now it looks like there's a movie coming out based on the book series. The husband (a huge Stephen King fan) is pumped.