Weekend Links No. 6

Sweet Potato Avocado Breakfast Toast It's a busy weekend in the Kurtanich household. We already enjoyed a last minute get together with some of my dear high school friends last night and we've got the local arts festival, a baby shower and a fun dinner party on the docket over the next two days. I'm so pumped the forecast is calling for sun! Hope you have some fun plans on your calendar.

In the Frederick-area? Be sure to check out the Frederick Festival of the Arts this weekend!

I grilled some sweet potato slices for the first time this week, you want to try this. I used some of the leftovers to make the sweet potato breakfast toast pictured above and it was epic.

With the exception of getting my hair colored (not until the 2nd trimester and nothing on the roots) I've kept my beauty & bath routine pretty clean during my pregnancy. I'm so happy this local salon offers vegan nail services. I'll be keeping a regular pedicure appointment until the big day :-).

This yummy seasonal quiche I posted earlier this week would make an excellent addition to any weekend brunch spread.

I received a sample of this last weekend and used it every evening this week until I ran out. I woke up each morning amazed at how good my skin felt and noticed a definite difference in the size of my pores (mine tend to stand out.) Thinking I'm going to have to bite the bullet and pick up a bottle.

Rob has joined team Toms and picked up these and these for the summer. Now I've got my eye on these.

Pretty intrigued by these mood boosting color sunglasses.

These bio-frequency stickers seem pretty cool too.

I also posted another fun maternity look this week, along with some of my favorite striped pieces for summer.