Weekends Collage Summer weekends are for day dreaming about what life will bring you while waiting in roller coaster lines. Weekends are for enjoying a vintage amusement park and eating world famous french fries in between rides. They are for baseball games and enjoying the bucket of beers before the game even starts. Weekends are for rib fests (or any kind of food fests), beer samplers and giant pancakes. They are for breaking rules, snapping photos of air balloons out car windows, adorable dog faces, selfies and amazing steak salads. Weekends are for watching favorite people get married and for the champagne toasts afterwards. They are meant to be Magical and Meaningful and Memorable. The past two weekends have lived up to this hype. Actually, there have been a lot of these weekends this Summer and I am ever so grateful. And even though September is whisking us towards Fall, I think there are still a few more "triple M" weekends left in us.

What will you do with your last few Summer weekends?