What Are You Eating Christmas Eve?


What are you eating Christmas Eve? (Sung to the tune of "What are you doing New Year's Eve?" because that's how this girl's mind works.) My family may not realize what they got themselves into when they agreed to let Rob & I host Christmas Eve. Presents are great but planning the menu is the most exciting part of this Christmas celebration for me. Second to that would be setting the table, which was always my job growing up.


I've been bookmarking, pinning and dog-earing recipes for the past month and this is what I'm thinking:

Snacks out when guests arrive - spiced nuts, quick pickles and good olives

Salad course - Winter Burrata Salad

Appetizer Course - Scallops with Chestnut Sauce and Crisp Sage

(Planning on serving a Sauvignon Blanc from Jericho Canyon with salad & appetizer courses)

Main Course - Braised Short Ribs with Gremolata, roasted brussels sprouts & Hominy Grill cheesy grits

(Going to pour this Emmolo Merlot with the main course)

Dessert - a cookie plate filled with my mom's reeses cup cookies, hot chocolate madeleines, and sugar cookies

(With coffee or hot chocolate.)

The game plan ... because trying to pull this meal off in one afternoon is probably ill advised.

The spiced nuts and deseeding of the pomegranate for the salad can be taken care of on Monday or Tuesday evening. Wednesday evening will be about making cookies, quick pickles, chestnut puree for the scallops and gremolata for the ribs. This 9-5er luckily gets off a little early on Thursday and my trusty crock pot will be taking care of the short ribs so I can concentrate on roasting the brussels sprouts, cooking the grits and plating the salad. The sage and scallops will be made at game time once we've gotten a little food in our bellies and the wine is flowing. I'll let someone else handle plating the cookies once the meal is over.

Can't wait for our much loved Spode china from Relish Decor to see some holiday action!