What I Ate Wednesday - Food In Bowls Edition


Lately, my dish of choice has been the bowl. I've been mixing ingredients like a DJ and enjoying meals with color, flavor and texture in every bite. I know some of you don't like it when your foods touch, and I'm very sorry but these meal ideas probably aren't for you. Acai bowl

Breakfast - There's something to be said about topping a smoothie with chocolatey stuff and eating it with a spoon like ice cream. This acai smoothie bowl was made with two packets of Sambazon frozen acai, vanilla Sunwarrior protein, a big handful of baby kale, 1/2 banana, some maca and just enough cashew milk to make the blender work. Adorning my big bowl health is the other half of the banana, bee pollen and some fancy, superfood chocolate granola.

cuban chicken bowl

Lunch - I've been digging deep into similar looking bowls all week. This exceptionally sunlit meal was inspired by Half Baked Harvest. I made all the ingredients for her Cuban Chicken & Black Bean Bowls with Fried Bananas on Sunday, and throw everything in a to-go bowl with greens and avocado on my way out the door each morning. Also very husband approved.

Fish taco bowl

Dinner - Adding jewel tones to dinner is always fun. Fish tacos are also always fun plus they're a great way to please a crowd. Set out all the toppings you can think of and let folks top their tortillas (or if you're trying to keep it on the lighter side, salad greens) with whatever strikes their fancy. My picks were baby kale, red cabbage, diced/julienned watermelon radish, pineapple, guacamole, toasted coconut flakes, mango salsa, cilantro, hot sauce, pan-fried tilapia and a little lime. Pretty right?!

Now to find something for dessert, fingers crossed it will be something scooped into, what else, a bowl.