Why I Think You Should Go to a Wellness Festival



Why I Think You Should Go To A Wellness Festival | BySsrahRae.com

Self Care is Important

These days taking command of your own well being, your own health almost feels like a rebellious act. Even more so with the way the government is gambling with it right now. Well I say enjoy rebelling! Society makes us feel like we always have to be busy, vacations are for the weak and that taking time for yourself is selfish. Screw that! We need to be making time to take care of ourselves!

Stress is a huge health issue. According to MayoClinic.org "stress that's left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes." And there's lots of ongoing research further proving the correlation between stress and physical health.

So lets do things that lower our stress levels! In this post I argue for a wellness festival or similar event but if that's not your cup a tea, find something that is. Anything that will put you in close proximity with other positive people, will bring a smile to your face and ideally get you moving will do. Go out dancing, find a hiking club, bust out your bike, all will do!

My Mom has been a yoga instructor for more than a decade (probably close to two now) and I could not be more grateful for her example. Because of her I've discovered powerful experiences like yoga dance parties and Wanderlust

Favorite Wellness Festivals

Good Festival Stage | Why I Think You Should Go To A Wellness Festival | BySarahRae.com

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen I recently attended an event in Philadelphia, The Good Fest. It's a day long wellness festival mostly geared towards women. We did yoga, Pilates, ate delicious healthy foods, listened to presentations and panels on various wellness topics and connected over our shared interest in boosting our health and well being.

This was the inaugural event and I fully intend on going again when the event returns to Philadelphia next year. (If I didn't have a little one on the way, I'd already have a ticket for the LA event in February.)

Wanderlust 108 DC Glow | Why I Think You Should Go To A Wellness Festival BySarahRae.com

I'm also a huge fan of Wanderlust. This company's mission "is to help you find your true north - to cultivate your best self." I was originally intrigued by their online presence but quickly decided to experience the good vibes in person and signed up for the first Wanderlust 108 in DC a couple of years ago. I've been every year since. I've also been to one of their weekend-long Wanderlust festivals and can't wait to get to another. There's no comparison for the glow that appears after a day or days being outdoors, surrounded by other conscious people, doing things that raise a collective vibration. The DC 108 is coming up in September and tickets are available now.

I've also been to many wonderful local workshops and events. If traveling far doesn't seem feasible, check out your local yoga studios to see what they offer. A lot of times they have community bulletin boards too where other local organizations can post about events.

Why You Should Go

There are absolutely more reasons why attending a wellness festival should be on your to-do list, but these are some of my favorites.

  • It's a chance to unplug

By all means, take photos and copious notes, but save the posting until after the event is over. Enjoy being off the grid for a little bit. Your internet brain will thank you.

  • You'll learn and discover new things

Between the speakers and vendors, these events are a great way to soak up new knowledge. I've been served life-changing truth bombs, found amazing eco-friendly yoga pants and discovered some of my favorite dietary supplements and much more at various wellness events.

  • Inspiration

No one cares as much about your own health and wellbeing as you do (or should). If you've been looking to make some healthy lifestyle changes, one of these events is a great way to get some initial inspiration or keep the momentum going.

Have you been thinking about going to a wellness festival? Which one? Are you're already hip to this world of good vibe gatherings, share your favorite experience!